Parisian-based French photographer Shelbie Dimond and model Tessa Kuragi teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Carnevale‘. This new story, shot completely on Polaroid artifacts in Carnevale, Venice this year, features these other amazing models:  Anna Lisa Wagner, David Carter, and shibari by Marie Sauvage.

Shelbie Dimond (born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1992) is a photographer, print-maker, model & actress based in Naples, Italy. As an ex-Jehovah’s witness, her work seeks to evoke a potent nostalgia and reclamation of her bodily autonomy and sexuality through the use of analog techniques and character-driven scenarios. focusing on the power of self-portraiture and the female form, her photos reveal a deep sincerity in a world of filters.

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