Los Angeles-based photographer Allan Amato teamed up with 115 different subjects for this new all-nude photo book titled ‘Skin‘, exploring the importance of representation in 245 pages.  Allan Amato lives in Los Angeles but was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe.  He discovered his love for photography after Hurricane Katrina forced him to re-examine the course of his life as tragedies have a way of doing.  Since then, he has worked with a variety of clientele from the Ministry to Nick Nolte to Terry Gilliam.  Allan is currently working on directing a feature-length documentary with creative partner Olga Nunes called Temple of Art.  His lifelong dream is to become an honorary member of Monty Python.

“Allan Amato is a lot like a wizard: his photos take us places we’ve never been. This is particularly unsettling when you were the one in the photograph.” — Neil Gaiman

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