Today Montreal electronic synth-pop sibling duo E-Prime is pleased to share brand new music with the release of their Stop Runnin’ EP. Alongside this, they have shared the title track, a shimmering ‘80s-emanating dance-pop earworm, and its accompanying video directed by band member Trevor Blumas. Additionally, the B-side features the groovy, downtempo “I Admit I’m Happy” alongside a remix of that same track by Regularfantasy.

Speaking on “Stop Runnin”, Jaclyn Blumas says: “Stop Runnin’ was written about an intense best friend breakup. Changing through the passage of time, we can sometimes fall out of sync with the people who we thought would walk beside us forever. Major events can transform us and stay in touch with yourself and your friends keep you real. It can feel like hard work sometimes, but it’s a gift worth the effort. The no closure, lingering disconnect from a friend who has always “seen” you feel like a glass splinter in your foot: it’s awkward and makes your whole body squirm. 

This track is about finding that balance between self-love, friendship, and empowerment.  Community is and will always be what fuels me, but you still gotta prioritize your self-love first, you’ll be a better friend this way. Doesn’t matter how much of a powerhouse, mega babe with all the talent in the world you are, “making it” can’t be enjoyed if you gotta climb over your friends to sit on a throne alone. Stop runnin’, start loving yourself!”

E-Prime is an electro-pop project that emerged out of the pandemic with a hopeful longing for fresher air and greener pastures. Self-produced by siblings Jaclyn & Trevor Blumas with a conscious commitment to making unabashedly feel-good music against the emotional backdrop of all the grief, loss, hate, and conflict that presented itself over the past two years. With this in mind, E-Prime deploys nostalgia as a glossy lens through which to find beauty in the present moment, rather than look backward with romantic idealism. ‘80s style LinnDrums and ‘90s-influenced basslines put them in the center of a Mr Fingers, Arthur Russell, and Blood Orange triangle, with melodies and chord patterns that could be housed on a “Best Of 90s R&B” compilation. Patrick Holland (Project Pablo) and Jeremy Greenspan (Jessy Lanza/Junior Boys) lent their mixing expertise to the tracks, helping to give E-Prime’s home recordings a distinctive polished studio sound.

In their previous post-punk, electro project DOOMSQUAD, Jaclyn and Trevor were responding to the world by aggressively making their voice loud, rallying a crowd of freaks, and finding comfort in the nest of their community. The world has changed yet again, and producing music in the post-everything era, they have found themselves turning to the past, finding joy in the passion of creating, listening, and sharing music.

Bit by bit they’ve carved out a new path. The duo wants people to feel good when listening to E-Prime; to feel sexy and to relate to all the awkwardness of humanity with a sense of interconnectedness.  For this moment, E-Prime’s nostalgia is serving the purpose of making life feel ok.

“I think it’s because we are thankful,” they say. “If the climate is all we got left, then let’s enjoy the fuck outta it.”

“Stop Runnin’” highlights the duo’s impeccable songcraft and ear for brilliant, neon arrangements that demand movement and prove only a taster of the excitement to come in 2022.

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Photo credit: Aabid Youssef

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