Ecuador-based photographer Photoman (Carlos Borja) and model Emely Valencia teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Darkness & Light‘.

The human body is part of nature. Such as a sunset, the sea, the earth… it’s filled with texture color and light. It is only our personal interests that inflict sexual charges into the images we see, that’s when nature performs a role. What if we were too devoid of identity to the human body? Would it still be sexual? Would it still cause arousal? Or would it be appreciated as objective beauty?

Carlos Borja, known as Photoman is a fashion and art photographer from Ecuador. The society he lives in, even though it is hugely sexual, it’s filled with taboos when it comes to the appreciation of beauty and art. That is where the idea behind this new series was inspired, to give nudity a new meaning, showing that we’re only a part of nature, and we possess a beauty of our own, in our own right.

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