Australian-based photographer India d’Scarlett and model Dean Bentley teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Mythical Lovers‘.

Mythical Lovers is a collaboration between artist India d’Scarlett and her partner Dean Bentley. It is a journey into the mythical realms that exist within the container of their relationship. It is a visual representation of the wild and divine aspects of their love. Mythical Lovers speaks to collective themes and fantasies of the otherworldly, the inner wild, the animalistic and the taboo. It is an ode to a fully liberated love. A love in which all of the many faces of the beloved are met with presence and devotion.

A love in which magic seeps through every interaction and intention. India d’Scarlett is a Wild Feminine Photographer and Women’s Feminine Embodiment and Empowerment Coach based in the Gold Coast, Australia.Soft, organic and provocative, d’Scarlett’s work is an expression of the wild, dark and divine feminine. Through the use of experimental in-camera techniques d’Scarlett’s photographs emanate a painterly quality and abstraction. These processes are used to distort the perception of reality in order to visualize the sublime. d’Scarlett’s work is an exploration and expression of the organic rawness of womanhood.

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