Today we have Pop/R&B artist Rayvon Owen‘s new single “Faraway Lover” that’s out now! Rayvon says, “I tend to write as I am feeling in the moment, and “Faraway Lover” is no exception. Caught in the middle of holding onto love vs. risking love that may not last, my past reminds me that if I have found something good, maybe I shouldn’t let it go this time. Almost nothing in life is certain to last forever, so you may as well enjoy and hold on to it while you can.

Rayvon Owen smoothly and seemingly effortlessly brings authenticity and emotion to his lyrical narrative and melodies. Each song in his catalogue is a glimpse into who Owen is as a person and a testament to the joy that can only come from being yourself.”

The Virginia native’s newest single, “Faraway Lover,” will be the first of his upcoming summer single releases.

Owen’s glowing collection of pop gems are layered with textures of soul, R&B, and incandescent synth. They have earned attention from the likes of People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, and Billboard, and garnered millions of streams and views. His recent EP, Las Virginia, was well received by fans. Other recent singles have included: “Flexin’ My Vibe,” with a feature appearance from the “Selfie Kid” Ryan McKenna; “Tonight” with a feature from Matillo; “Like a Storm;” and “X,” which Owen credits for inspiring the vibe of Las Virginia.

Whether performing onstage, recording in the studio, diving deep into songwriting, or hosting his Webby Award-winning reality TV show The Sims Spark’d on TBS, Rayvon Owen strives to entertain his listeners, while also creating an immersive and inspirational experience. “I love singing about love, life experiences, and my journey growing up to be the person I am today.”

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