Berlin-based photographer Elis Evil and model Mahila Prakaar teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Muse Of Femininity’.

Berlin, one of the most open-minded cities worldwide, is where female photographer Elis has built her professional career and creativity and the view of female bodies is still too male-dominated. She says, “I don’t want to exclude the man but I want to include and inspire women! As an artist, in this category of photography, it is particularly important to me, to shape the definition of sensuality. I have many years of experience as a lingerie and fetish model and I know exactly what kind of situation women are in before such a shoot, especially when they are just starting. As soon as you contact a photographer, you question the intention and goals of their work. You’re trying to talk with models he worked with. You are unsure what could happen if you get involved in a shoot without knowing the man behind the camera. And nearly every model (especially in lingerie or nude photography) made at least one bad experience on set. I quickly noticed that there are hardly any female photographers who are active in this field, even though the point and the demand are absolutely obvious. My journey is just beginning but I know and feel that I am doing the right thing and I hope that I can inspire many people with my art and thoughts.”

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