Pop singer, Lexxe is thrilled to release her new single “Rita Hayworth” along with the music video today on NAKID!

LEXXE says, For years I had been trying to find my “niche,”. I’ve been told to “stay gothic,” style wise in order to be understood in the industry, or to make my music sound a certain way. One one hand I grew up doing classical ballet, but I love metal music and horror movies and on top of that I am a considerably tattooed person. A lot of people took that and put me into whatever box they wanted to make. However the people who REALLY know me, know that in my spare time I’m singing jazz, working night-life burlesque gigs and watching old films.  In the back of my mind, I’ve always been an old soul and for years I’ve had a photo of Rita Hayworth in my phone that I’d go back to and think “I really just want to dye my hair like that,”. I think as artists we struggle with being perceived and at the end of the day we don’t have much control over that, but with this one simple idea to dye my hair, I found so much confidence in presenting myself how I felt happiest. I’ve always had a soft spot for Rita in particular, because I can only imagine what she went through to be the starlet we saw on screen. Her birth name was Margarita Carmen Casino, she had beautiful black hair and a very cool hairline that was altered in order to make the one we see in the movies. Also I honestly feel really kindred with her having a spanish background as well. I’m so grateful to have the freedom to pursue my career and alter myself however I’d like to and I wanted to write something to celebrate that. At the same time, I wanted to touch on how dark it can be behind the glamour, “the beauty in the breakdown,” so a lot of the lyrics play off of that. When I wrote this song with Dominic (Florio) I cried on the way home with it on repeat because I felt I had finally captured a feeling and a moment in my life I had been trying to for so long. The video echoes that feeling until the realization that not all that glitters is gold, the “velvet dagger,”.

LEXXE is a musician and classically trained dancer from Long Island, NY. In the words of BILLBOARD, “it’s not everyday you hear of a professionally trained ballerina dropping her pointe shoes for the microphone.” She has been described as “the type of pop star that’s unconstrained by any one sound or easily imitable pop mold…”. After performing in underground theater Company XIV as well as mingling within the local Long Island punk and hardcore scene, LEXXE has acquired a musical identity that shows the grime behind the glamorous. She released her debut EP Meet Me In The Shadows, this past October. Her upcoming project is a two part album to be released in Spring 2022 & Fall 2022.

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