Bucharest, Romania-based photographer Adina Apostu is in ourartist-to-watch spotlight for today’s exclusive NAKID feature!

“I am an ordinary woman, neither young, nor old, neither beautiful nor ugly! What defines me, however, it’s the passion and crazy courage with which I do things and bring them to a successful end, the determination and the perseverance, and the fact that I do not know how to give up once I made up my mind.”

Adina discovered her passion for photography late, by chance, at the age of 37 (now 43). Until then, she had no idea that she had a photographic eye, that she had vision, and how creative she could be! … but as they say, things happen for a reason at the right time!

Her #picassostateofmind is one of the tattoos she has and it’s about being creative no matter what age, social statute, or education you have. I used to play the photography game on my Instagram travel account and then the pandemic came …

In lockdown really bored of reading, cleaning, cooking, and feeding everyone around, Adina wondered if she could be creative with less, with just her surroundings. This is how her instagram page now came to life. Very shy in the beginning, more daring and exploring after a while.

She does conceptual self-portraits and the objective it’s to catch the eye of the viewer for a few seconds. 

“The human body it’s a piece of art itself. I never knew I am beautiful, I never new I can be sexy and I never looked at myself the way I see now this woman in the mirror. Let’s say these photos helped me to cantain and love myself just the way I am with the goods and the bads at the same time. My nude self portraits somehow are my soul showed to the curious eyes the way it is, wild, playful, curious, creative and last but not least explorer.” – Adina Apostu

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