Photographer Piero Cavallin, based in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and model Moff teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Ideal model‘.

Piero, has traveled all over South America creating and working as a photographer and is currently in Quito, Ecuador right now. Soon he hopes, he will be headed to Europe to work on some new projects. 

Chilean-born but now based in Buenos Aires, a plastic artist specializing on mural paintings, Moff has created extensive work all across Argentina, Chile, and coming soon in Perú. Back to lockdown times in 2020 when artists had to find a way to be expressive from home and people had a lot of free time for personal projects, that’s when Piero got the request from Moff, which they were friends already, to help her with references for her body studies to use on her paintings. Highly influenced by photographer, Cvatik, and his quite unique body composition shots, she finally decided to be her own model.

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