Norfolk, Virginia-based photographer Brysen Kelly shot this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Magic Warehouse‘.

“To be normal is to be average that’s why as an artist I’ve always dared to be different. Growing up in a small town in Indiana I was told I had to conform, be exactly what everyone wanted me to be, I needed to fit, unfortunately for them, I wasn’t capable of dimming my light. Art became my way to express how I felt, so I began working on my craft while healing myself. During that time I learned art is subjective and it’s a moment when you have all control and no one can decide how you will create a piece! With that my art is made to invoke emotions, this piece specifically is meant to have Drama and Seduction. A woman looking in the mirror to receive answers figuring out that all control lies within her. Lighting provides contrast and depth to convey the deep emotions and create ambiguity about if she is on the right side or wrong side of things.”

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