Miami, Fl-based illustration artist Liora Orli created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘I Love You In Red‘.

Liora Orli was raised surrounded by the world’s most prestigious museums. Inspired by vibrations of New York City where she was captured by different Art movements she started her career as an artist. Now, she lives and works in Miami, Florida. Her studio is located in downtown Miami. Liora exquisitely combines abstract and figurative art styles. The artist paints with a specific color palette. Her practiced technique conveys a sense of immediacy and emotions. The latest series of her work inspired by the love she felt for her muse, her partner. She named it “I love you pure Red”. RED for the artist is a symbol of love, emotions , confidence, an energetic soul full of passion and sensuality. She says: “ My work is my diary, you can read the story of my feelings and maybe you will find the expression of yours. My RED draws attention, stimulates actions, provokes and gives the energy of LOVE.”

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