Los Angeles-based indie rock artist Possible Oceans is the solo project of singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer Trevor O’Neill, who is preparing for a Death By Misadventure. The forthcoming single, “Dotted Lines” (out today), is the second installment from the upcoming Death by Misadventure LP that’s set for release on July 29. The new single finds Possible Oceans expanding on the use of electronic elements prevalent throughout the album, which opens up the sound from more traditional guitar-driven rock to a darker synth-infused space.

Aaron Willschick at V13 praised the previous single saying, “’Throw The Knife (Again)’ is a deep dive into new musical territory…” with Buzzbands noting the music video is “a shadowy affair that touches on civil unrest, climate change and government corruption.” “Dotted Lines” is right there behind it…

“That song came together almost instantly in a writing session with my friend Will Walden… we were in my studio working out a part for another song, I went to the kitchen to grab us some coffee and I heard him messing around playing what became the intro bass line,” Trevor shares of the genesis of “Dotted Lines.” “By the time I got back to the studio I had the chorus riff in my head. The song was essentially done a couple hours later. It’s always exciting when that happens because it feels like we captured a moment of inspiration.”

The previous single, “Throw the Knife (Again),” was the most recent glimpse into Possible Oceans since the release of the Phase Change EP in 2018. “The forced break of the pandemic allowed me to take my time and try a lot of things,” shares O’Neill. “I wrote most of this record alone in my home studio, which was a totally different process from my normal ‘band in a room’ approach. My incredible co-producer, Jules de Gasperis (James Supercave and Low Hum), led me to expand my use of electronic elements, which opened up the sound from more traditional guitar-driven rock to a darker synth-infused space that I’m really happy with.”

In addition to his love of music and production, Trevor shares, “film is a huge passion of mine. I constantly turn to film for inspiration when I write.  I’ve almost always got a scene from a movie playing in my head when I’m working on music. It almost feels like scoring a film, which is a big dream of mine,” he admits. “The inspiration from film, especially in Los Angeles, pushes O’Neill to always keep the big picture in mind. Not only is film a driving factor when writing, but he also uses that muse when creating the visual aspect of his music as well. This is beyond evident in this transfixing music video for “Throw the Knife (Again).”

The single is a reworking of an older song Trevor wrote, laced with ideas that are still relevant today. He explains, “The idea came from watching an old video of a knife-throwing act where a blindfolded man was throwing knives at children strapped to a spinning wheel. It reminded me of the way people in power in our world often seem to blindly do whatever they feel like doing, whatever benefits them, without considering the consequences for those around them.” The song’s themes fit well with the UK concept of death by misadventure (any death as the result of a voluntary risk), which is woven throughout the fittingly titled album, Death by Misadventure.

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