Mixed media artist Najai Janique created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Erotic Dalí’.

Najai Janique Johnson is a New Orleans-born erotic surrealist and sex worker currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. After her high school passion for photography led her to Pratt Institute, Johnson immediately submerged herself in a plethora of artistic mediums (painting and drawing attracting her the most). The exploration of these disciplines would be performed with the sole intention of improving her craft until a sexual assault on her provided a painful yet new connection to her artistic voice & purpose. The goal of normalizing themes of sexual education and psychology via fine art would lead Johnson to create a bold signature style that liberates herself in a way that makes observers truly see the story behind each piece. Johnson’s paintings are her own creative diaries that unveil subconscious feelings and experiences that are eye-opening for her to look back on.

“Each of my pieces travel through the many interpretations of intimacy. My diverse inspiration sources (from Mati Klarwein to Salvador Dali) are transferred into new synergies generated of both surrealism and abstraction. Seamless blends of my oil paints create optical illusions emphasizing the union of multiple ideas within the same concept. As a whole, my work is the exploration of morbid and sexual curiosities addressing issues some may find uncomfortable. Extensive research of sex related philosophies are always the basis of each piece. The provocation of thoughts surrounding authentic sexual education has been the force behind my pieces regardless of criticism or praise. My experiences as a black woman, sex worker, and sexual assault victim give me viscerally intentional purpose with each stroke. Visual perception operates on infinite planes.”

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