Vancouver-based model and artist Quartz Kitten teamed up with artist Brian Jones for this intimate new series in today’s exclusive NAKID model spotlight editorial titled, ‘Intimate Feelings‘.

“I started nude modeling to express feelings that felt too big for paper and impossible to express vocally. I want to evoke an intense feeling with every image I create.”, says Quartz Kitten, “Whether that’s a sense of calm, peace, or internal grief or pain. Maybe a longing to resolve something, sexually or emotionally. As well, I never know what exactly I have to work within nature, and I find that connecting with the world, in a very literal sense, is a very important part of the creative process.”

Quartz Kitten goes by she/her and is a 26-year-old creative living in the PNW.  She’s done adult work since she was 18, and started fine art & nude modeling about 5 years ago. She loves being naked, nature, writing, mary jane-esque inspiration, and reptiles she tells us. “I worked with the photographer Brain Jones or “Misterladybug” on Instagram to create these images. He is a fine art and nude photographer that was based in the PNW.”

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