Photographer Ruby Reels, based in Bali, Indonesia, and model Juno Shanti teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Magic of Falls‘.

Sun, moon, stars.. You that move the heavens, hear this mother! A new life has come among you. Make its life smooth.”, from an Omaha Native American ceremony for newborn babies. With respect to nature, the fertility goddess, and the divine union, this is a journey of stepping into motherhood. It’s an ancient process for the success of human beings, in the fact that we need LOVE to reproduce, love to accomplish the natural process of birth, and making love abundantly costs us almost nothing. Love is forever built into nature’s blueprint.

This is the feminine divine and masculine coming into union with the Trinity within. The ultimate flow of energy. The love, the ceremony, the water, the wind, the air, and the growing baby.

A short series of photos taken in sacred waters of the island of gods, Bali, on a full moon as a blessing way for the newborn that is to come. Integrating both cultures of parents, Sri Lankan and Japanese with a tint of Balinese influence.

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