DA VIl is a Toronto-raised artist with deep ties and roots in Atlanta and the Hollywood hills. VIl is said to be an underground R&B legend within the Toronto R&B music scene. His songs and tracks have been circulating underground for nearly a decade. He has toured both Canada and the US pérforring at festivals such as Toronto Frosh, Ever After, Manifesto, Bass ‘n Tings, Dream more Festival, and more.

While VIl has been popular within the underground scene for years, it hasn’t stopped him from working with mainstream artists such as OVO affiliates TVGucci and Preme, Roscoe Dash, and producers Cool ‘n Dre. VIl has also opened shows for YBN Cordae, A.S.A.P Mob, Usher, and Jagged Edge just to name of few.

Although Vll has had plenty of opportunities to go pro and take to the big tours, he prefers to stay true to his roots and more specifically his family which includes his two children. That doesn’t mean VIl isn’t down to tour, it just makes him more selective about the opportunities he takes; A luxury he can afford with his years in the scene. VIl’s new project is set to take the Canadian music scene by storm with new tracks, and a new look accompanied by off-the-wall performances.

Rebirth is the story of VIl’s triumphant return to the Toronto and international music scene after taking a 5-year hiatus to focus on raising his family and rediscovering his sound. The track highlights his turbulent past with former business partners and the rebirth of his brand of music with the knowledge he has gained from past mistakes along with his current success as an independent artist..

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