Rising alternative singer-songwriter Theo Kandel continues to showcase the edgy, raw, and unapologetic vocalization of his truth and perspective culminated in beautiful melodies that is the new release, ‘Elegy’, out this Friday, July 8th, and on his forthcoming EP — “What if it all works out in the end?“!

Based in Los Angeles, and arriving with an emotional visual, this roller-coaster of a ride lullaby symbolizes the turning page in a coming-of-age film, and is yet another puzzle piece to the full picture of his forthcoming EP, What if it all works out in the end (set for release this September, exact details and release date TBA).

“It feels like the culmination of all of my musical influences, production development, and lyric writing,” Theo explains.

“It’s funny… my 2021 Spin Cycle EP ends up in the same place that it started, with the idea that the cycle of emotions after a breakup is inescapable, as long as you situate yourself within it,” shares Theo. “‘What if it all works out in the end?’ is different… decidedly more positive in its progression.” Detaching away from that vicious cycle of anxiety and neurosis, the new EP takes a sharp turn out of the maze. “I think that’ll become more clear as I release more songs off the project, but it definitely doesn’t finish where it started, and through the process of making it, neither did I,” he confides. Drawing fresh inspiration from various artists, Theo has molded a sound of his own, which becomes evident on What if it all works out in the end?.

“My music is definitely a mishmash of all of my favorite artists, not a groundbreaking notion, but is something that’s always interesting to explore when I look back at my songs,” reveals Theo. “The new EP has a ton of influences woven throughout the (hopefully) witty lyricism of John Prine, folk fingerpicking of James Taylor, pop punk angst of Blink-182, the chill, feel-goodness of Dominic Fike, rubber bridge and existentialism of Phoebe Bridgers, along with the dynamic production of FINNEAS; a sense of nostalgia definitely runs throughout the entire project.”

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