Ukrainian illustration artist, Soma Art, created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Fleeting‘.

There is no body, shadow, and light combination that is ever the same. Unlike a landscape that can be painted any day, bodyscapes are fleeting moments of shapes and shadows, forever lost unless captured. Being naked at a point in time adds a level of vulnerability in front of an artist and exposes not only the raw beauty of the body but the shadows from the light cast and the person’s situation at that moment, the combination of which may never truly be replicated again. Fleeting is a vulnerable representation of a point in time; intimate, dark, and desire.

Jane Korneyko of Soma Art is a proudly Ukrainian-born, emerging Melbourne artist. “Bodyscapes are my passion – representing the beauty of the natural form’s shapes and shadows. Deeply personal and intimate, each body’s curves and outlines offer unique blends of light and shade, captured in monochromatic oils on linen.”

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