Today we are so excited to bring you guys the world premiere of SO TUFF SO CUTE‘s new single and music video ‘BREAK STUFF‘!  The dynamic duo that is GG Magree and Mija are living their best life and it shows in everything they do. From their friendship and music to their social media videos and live performances – it’s clear these two are soulmates on so many levels.  You might think it’s all a crazy random anything goes party 24/7 with these two badass female artists, and you would be right, but they have also cultivated a uniqueness in their identities and their work ethic is just as impressive as their live show pussy power. In this new single they bring a youthful revolt reminiscent of old school punk rock like ‘The Runaways’ or even ‘Joan Jett’ and ‘Blondie’. They are a force to reckon with, and if the new video is any indication of that, you don’t fuck with them, they fuck with you and we can’t wait to hear more from these two!

This past March we had the pleasure of hosting SO TUFF SO CUTE at our annual NAKID HOUSE party during SXSW and they blew the lid off the strip club.  We jumped at the chance to officially premiere their new ‘Break Stuff’ music video and so we sat down with them to dig into the new music, being roomies, their spirit animals, and where all that badass energy comes from.. so let’s get into it.


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So both of are enormously talented and made a name for yourselves, you both live together and share the same agent, but how did you guys meet and become best friends, what’s that story that inevitably lead to this new dynamic duo, So Cute So Tuff?

We met about 4 years ago on tour while djing on the same festival circuit.  We had a lot in common and connected energetically.  We both have so much experience touring that it just made sense to unite and do it together.  Just for fun.

What is one thing that draws you in and inspires you about each other?

We share the same messaging and belief systems.  We want the same things out of life and have similar work ethic.  We are like matching puzzle pieces that compliment each other’s skills and weaknesses, which makes it easy and fun to execute projects

You guys’ energy is wild live, is that presence just something that naturally developed being best friends and collaborating?  Anything special you guys do before shows to hype up?

Nah that’s literally just how we are all the time. You don’t even want to know what it’s like in the Pussy Palace

You guys music could be described as all over the place and everything good out there smashed together and filtered through you guys music-producing skills, where does that inspiration come from when choosing what you want to perform live?

Independently, we’ve both written so many sad songs for our own projects.   But who wants to perform sad music?  We just wanna fuck off break stuff put on a show and deliver a good time 

How do you guys come up with the antics and marketing you guys do for your shows and songs?  They seem so randomly amazing, haha, you guys need a fucking reality show.

For real though let’em know!!  It’s actually super easy because we live together.  So either of us will have an idea and scream it across the house and 50% of the time we just do it on the spot 

How does your So Tuff So Cute project differ from your personal music projects and work you do?

It differs from our individual projects because we aren’t taking ourselves too seriously.  We are hungry for it, but we don’t need it.  Essentially there’s no risk.  We can say “No” to a lot of things, and we do.  We are kind of parodying the whole dj culture industry in a way but making it all about pussy power.  Basically we are the Spice Girls of EDM 

Is ‘Pussy Power’ your official slogan? Who came up with that, haha?

I’m not exactly sure when or how it came.  Probably when we wrote our STSC Mani-Festo.  Vision board type of night.  We also call our house the Pussy Palace.  And we are inspired by Spice Girls.  

If you guys could have a baby together that got both of all of your talents combined what would their artist name be and what style of music?

We already have one his name is Juan Papi and he play sexy slowed-down moombahton bootlegs and Bad Bunny

You guys’ new release ‘Break Stuff’ is like a punk pop anthem that just screams high energy good vibes, reminds me a lot of like ‘The Runaways’ style vibes, where did the influence come from for the song? What was the writing process like for it, and do you both have different ways or similar, of how you like going about recording and producing tracks being from different music backgrounds?

We made it with our friends Inverness and Pinkslip on a sunny day in Hollywood.  We actually spent the whole day working on a different song but at the end we had an extra hour so we decided to start up a new one.  Break Stuff was that song.  It was chaotic, it didn’t give a fuck, and it wasn’t trying hard.  It was perfect.  

What do you guys like doing during your downtime while touring?  What’s the craziest thing/story that’s ever happened on tour that you can share?

We like to hangout in the same bed and eat snacks mostly and watch reality tv

Favorite festival to play and why? Favorite city to play and why?

We love Ultra and EDC and Electric Forest, and  Rampage Festival as of most recently!

Top 3 artists/songs you guys are digging right now?

Snow Tha Product & Bzrap Music Sessions Vol. 39

Pouty Face & Phem – Bored

Hilary Duff – Come Clean

NFT’s have taken the fuck off, where do you guys stand on them and have you fooled around or got any yet, if so what?  When will we see some So Cute So Tuff NFT’s because you guys definitely have the vibe I think fans would love to see a collection of both of you in cartoon form doing crazy shit together, haha.  

Yes! We love NFTs.  We actually released Break Stuff as Music NFTs today. 25 copies sold out within 1 minute.  Bless the internet and our community.  Follow us on discord 

What’s your spirit animal for each of you?

GG is black widow spider

Mija is a white tiger 

GG we were so psyched to have you play NAKID HOUSE this year at SXSW and we were sad Mija, you couldn’t because of your injury that night, but did you guys have fun?  

Yes but it was actually so cute.  GG had me on FaceTime the whole night and I was helping her select songs

Top artist alive or dead you would love to collaborate with?


Are you guys thinking about putting all of this unreleased music into an EP or album, if so when can we expect that?

We like to keep expectations low.  Underpromise, underdeliver.  Basically we’re Amazon 

What’s the rest of Summer look like for you guys as far as recording and touring go? 

Booked and busy baby

What do you wanna say to everyone out there trying to get their artistic career together or just words of advice to people just dealing with all the shit going on in the world today and trying to make it?

Fuck it just have fun

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