Los Angeles-based photographer Susana and model Melinda Elvenes teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Woman‘.

Like many and in particular artists, for Susana the female form has inspired and motivated capturing moments that display beauty and simultaneously show strength and vulnerability all at once. Susana grew up extremely observant and aware of the women surrounding her, the women that raised her and struggled and succeeded at various challenges in their lives. She felt curious but mainly admiration of the natural state of a woman, of what lied behind the masks of smiles and makeup and pleasantries.

This shoot is one of many that happened quite organically. A beginning of a friendship was forming after the facade of certain and safe topics of conversation. They had met long before shooting but the friendship began when they became more intimately acquainted and particularly on this trip to Catalina Island which is the setting for this new series. The shoot happened quickly and naturally and Melinda with all her grace and talent shared her art with Susana and let her produce her own in the process.

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