Mixed Media/collage artist Jed Spears, better known as Bookmouth, is based in Brooklyn, New York, but originally from San Jose, CA.  He created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Explosion Medicine‘.

“The goal for almost everything I do is to, in some way, distort the human form or things adjacent to the human form. This often manifests itself in the destruction or reconfiguration of expected shapes, but also in the manipulation of expected textures. I’m very interested by the lengths our brains will go to discern a human body or face, i enjoy testing the strength of that recognition with my art. There is also the added element of conveying physically that which is intangible. The first thing that comes to mind is emotion but I like to think it doesn’t stop there. Time of day, time of year, music, demeanor, these are just some of the things I like to try to make visible and project onto the subjects of my work by way of distortion, texture, and color or lack thereof.

That all sounds great. That is all truly important to me. However, above all else, I’m constantly just trying to make things that look cool. The challenge and therein the fun is that my definition of cool changes everyday, and on a greater scale, every week and month.”

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