Photographer duo Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom, based in London, UK, and model Rom Sheratzky teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Rom‘.

This new series was shot of Rom in his room, wearing his vintage collection. Rom is an actor and a performance artist, changing characters and wearing many faces, each tells a different story about himself.  While playing with gender and identity and celebrating self-expression, we wanted to focus on Rom’s presence.

Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom are a photography duo living and working in London, UK. Drawing on a storytelling-based approach to the photographic medium, the two are continuously striving to engage viewers from all backgrounds in a journey into their visual world. Suspended between fantasy and reality, the factual and the bizarre, their universe immerses whoever comes across it in a blend of surreal visions, daily experiences, and artistic references which all contribute to making their signature style and aesthetic vocabulary so naturally captivating.

Also known as Fotómetro, the duo looks at their craft as a means of advocating the urge for a more diverse and authentic global community; a mission that the photographers pursue on a day-to-day basis by casting non-models for both their personal and commercial work. Turning the lens onto themes such as identity, individuality, and relationships, their practice wants to be a mirror for the infinite facets of the human experience, pushing the boundaries of gender, race, and sexuality among others.

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Check out more of Rona Bar & Ofek Avshalom and their work here:  INSTAGRAM

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