New York-based photographer Gaspar Marquez, a regular NAKID contributor, recently attended a Musica NYC, when all of the sudden these Alien Cyborgs showed up and started Go-go dancing and breaking some moves all night long…Gaspar believed he was being abducted (not literally), because he still doesn’t remember anything except for the photos in his camera…. The event was produced by the Onyxx Group and here are all the amazing recap images from the night!

Gaspar Marquez was born in Mexico, soon developed an addiction for photography and the arts, as a child would take his mother’s camera and shoot just for fun without her consent. Later on, moved to San Francisco CA. and wandered through America. He’s a self taught photographer , but took plenty of classes at prestigious schools such as the School of The International Center of Photography and The School of Visual Arts in New York city, not to mention he’s got a BA in Business Administration in Mexico. He’s working as a Freelance photographer /Videographer doing Fine Art /fashion . He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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