Riga, Latvia-based photographer Silvija Anna Kaufmane and model Amalie Dot teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘She’s Sweet‘.

Silvija is also a model from Latvia and started photography not so long ago. First, she started to shoot self portraits mirrors and other props and ended up loving the process of it. But it wasn’t enough and her creativity wanted to push farther, so she wanted to try to shoot her friends. Here today, in one of her newest shoots, in she showcases her best friend with whom she did her first photoshoot where she didn’t shoot herself as well.

She said this about the shoot.. “I have always loved food, and I think when people eat it’s pretty cute, sexy and sweet. Especially when woman eat. I love people lips, mouth. It’s the part of the face where people watch the most, it’s intimate part. So the set was easy and fun. We really enjoyed it and I think we got the results. For sure will keep playing with food and people mouths and lips more and more in the future. Also in the set is not only the mouth and lips but also a woman’s body. We all do love woman and their body’s so why not make it more spicy and play with the food.”

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