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Today we have a music video premiere drop from Los Angeles band Hissyfit who is back with their second single ‘High Speed Crash,’ a poprock ballad about heartbreak in Hollywood.  The band debuted their first song and video – ‘Bad For You‘ – which was absolutely killer, earlier this year on NAKID, and have returned with a second track that might leave you feeling more than a little emotional. With their dynamic sound and sexy grunge aesthetic, they are one of the hottest new indie bands to come out of LA in awhile.

Singer Augusta Gail describes the track as a page ripped from her diary:

“High Speed Crash is essentially a love song and a break up song all in one,” she explains.  “I wrote it after my divorce, when every emotion felt dialed up to eleven.  I’d just walked away from a 7 year relationship – I was reeling.”

But the song isn’t just about her relationship; it’s also an ode to the city where she fell in and out of love – Hollywood.  “This city witnessed that entire relationship,” Gail says, “It was the backdrop to our story.  When we broke up, I kept going back to all of our favorite places – dive bars along the boulevard, the Hollywood diner we always went to, the hotel rooftop where we’d spend Christmas Eve.  It felt healing, to return to those spots and remember the good and bad times…I think Hollywood helped me process everything.  My ex and I may not be together, but for some reason this city will always feel like ours…and I think that’s kind of magical.”

The track – co-written and produced by King Hellman Music (@hellmanmusicofficial) – is a powerful rock n roll number brimming with heartbreak.  There’s no mistaking the brutal pain of a breakup in these lyrics, or the wrenching truth of mistakes made at the end of a relationship.  But there’s also a touch of hope and heartfelt nostalgia in Gail’s delivery.  You can tell the singer cherished that relationship, and is still deeply in love with the city of Hollywood and the memories she made there.  The music video – directed by Taemur Moazzam (@taemur) – captures the mixture of emotions and memories perfectly.  Gail wanders down Hollywood Blvd in her signature pinks and pastel colors, fulfilling a variety of roles (kitschy tour guide, busking musician, costumed performer), tapping into the ways in which a relationship – and its end – can impact us.

High Speed Crash is the fall ballad and video we’ve been waiting for – an excuse to tap into our favorite heartbreaks, have a good cry, and come out the other side feeling all the better for it.

If you love this music artist then show them some love, this is just a glimpse of the amazing stuff they create musically – head over to their links below to check out more from this badass music artist and support their creativity and your daily inspiration by following them!

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