Today, Salt Lake City-based musician Addison Grace announces his sophomore EP ‘Things That Are Bad For Me‘, due out November 11 and available to pre-order now. Alongside the announcement, Grace shares a brand new single “Pretty Girl,” out everywhere now with its dreamy video shot on film. In the soft, melancholic “Pretty Girl,” Grace chooses self-preservation over an unhealthy relationship. Hear the new music and more live this November as Addison joins Ricky Montgomery for a West Coast run. Grab tickets via addisongrace.xyz/tour.

Addison Grace’s second EP, Things That Are Bad For Me expands on the vulnerable sonic world built with their May 2022 EP Immaturing. Where the previously shared, often light-hearted project chronicles growing up and navigating the challenging aspects of discovering one’s identity, the follow-up collection embraces the darker, harder parts of this new understanding and self-acceptance. Over a new set of five tracks, Grace shares the forthcoming EP is exactly what the title says, explaining, “It’s a journey of self indulgence and depreciation, jealousy, pain, and acceptance. I’d always had a hard time with comparison and self-acceptance and that started to show in my songwriting. I was indulging in such awful feelings. Now I feel each song tells its own story and spirals into different reasons of why I was struggling up until the last song, ‘If Nobody Likes U,’ where you can hear I was finally learning self-acceptance.” Grace continues, “While the ‘Immaturing’ EP was my journey of growing up, discovering myself, and transitioning, ‘Things That Are Bad for Me’ is the journey of not only learning to live with yourself but also learning to feel those difficult, gross emotions and be able to accept them.”

“Pretty Girl,” produced by Andy Seltzer (Chelsea Cutler, Del Water Gap, Samia), shows a darker, heavier side of the musician as they learn to put themselves above a seemingly perfect, yet ultimately destructive relationship. Over a melancholic melody, Grace sings, “You’re so perfectly sweet / but it’s tasting bitter / Cause I know to you / I’ll always be a pretty girl / Like I knew that this would happen.” It’s a track that explores identity and perception where Grace ultimately realizes choosing oneself is most fulfilling, rewarding and essential for their own well-being. Explaining the track’s meaning, Grace shares, “‘Pretty Girl’ is a journey about loving someone who you know will never see you as ‘you.’ It’s the struggle of them being ‘perfect’–they’re exactly who and what you want but also knowing it can never be because they’ll never love or accept who you really are. It’s accepting that fact for the sake of your own self preservation.”

Its accompanying video, shot on film and directed by Sydney Ostrander, is a nostalgia-tinged, dream-like visual that finds Grace in a garden surrounded by greenery that often towers over them. With the video, Grace shares they set out to, “emphasize the message of self-preservation and happiness–choosing yourself over loving someone who can’t. We shot on film to create that “memory” feel and it shows me “saving” a snail from a pink dollhouse and building it a home in the garden instead. I think art is always up to the viewer to decide what it means but I will say the underlying queer message was very intentional.”

Photo credit: Julia Koza

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