Today, Ghost Light is thrilled to share its sophomore studio album ‘The Healing’ via Royal Potato Family. The new album sees the group at the top of their musical game. The record was co-produced by Hamilton and the band recorded everything live and without multiple takes. “Recording this album was not an easy, straight forward process,” says Mullen. “It was a lesson in patience to figure out the right feel of a song, which can always change take to take. Which parts needed to breathe more and which needed to push with urgency. Making an album this way helped us understand the true inner workings of each song and how we can carry that to a live performance. If someone was pushing or pulling the song then the whole band needed to really be listening to react to that. I think it made us all better musicians in the long run to record the songs like this. Accepting that an entire take may not be perfect but the essence of the song with everyone felt just right was important.

Topically, the record dives deep into the emotional and psychological adversities that they had to overcome as individuals as well as a band.

“The path to health and healing is often not the path of least resistance but the path of perseverance and doing the work,” says Hamilton. “The Covid times allowed me to have an emotional reckoning with myself. The bouts of depression. The crippling anxiety. Waking up every day and choosing the difficult realizations and the hard truths.”

Adds Mullen, “The Healing was something I had been searching for over the last 4 years, and still lose and find again every day. Can you ever fully heal from traumas you’ve experienced or do they just simply live inside of you and you learn to dance around them? Writing my traumas into songs and figuring out a way to look at them with shifting perspectives, face them in the mirror and see how they changed me is not easy. I have a hard time letting go and really releasing but I found a lot of freedom, and new parts of my soul, in writing these songs.”

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