Bad Nauheim-based photographer Hakan Arslantekin and model Tara Hoffmann teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Last Night’.

Three years ago Hakan became ill with tinnitus. It took over their entire everyday life, until someone put a camera in their hand. At first, the shooting stopped the noise. A therapy turned into a passion – without a plan, goal, or concept. Even today, Hakan doesn’t follow a set of rules and doesn’t want to start. Photography is the canvas for their inner life, for their perception of beauty. They have always looked at the world with different eyes and now has started to capture that in pictures.

What does photography mean to you?

Creating moments, enjoying and living them. With no other person than the one who is standing in front of me right now. I celebrate and recognize the beauty in people, where one or the other must look twice to see what I see. But even this image is never final. On many models I work with from the beginning, I recognize a new facet of their personality every shoot. And it always fascinates me anew.

I don’t tell a model what to wear. It has to be what they feel comfortable in. I capture moments with people, I don’t depict dolls. Models are not objects for me, they are my muses. And if you take the time, you find vulnerability, rebellion, freedom, authenticity. And I often discover that in nude art. Because being nude means being yourself, not hiding. I love the communication with the models. I love the pure and unadulterated, which sometimes only shows itself in details. And I learn from you, I learn every day. Everything is a process. I have no interest in perfection, what is perfect for me, I define myself.

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