Kazakhstan-based photographer Dasha Mayer and model Alice teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘OMENS‘.

Art-direction https://instagram.com/tanyavoronova

Photography https://instagram.com/dashamaayer

Light-technical-direction https://instagram.com/andrew.twinbrthrs

Style https://instagram.com/alfiyaamin

Muah https://instagram.com/_ptaha

Model https://instagram.com/kkkasheeva

OMENS and superstitions help us explain the things that cannot be deciphered logically.

“The last couple of months we turn more and more often to our intuition and inner voice.

We pay attention to the slightest of signs that help us pick the right path.

Facts shift too often and cannot be relied on.

A black cat. did it cross your path / is it a signal of misfortune, or is it a good omen? what does your heart tell you? 


Every day you see repeating numbers when you check the time. is it a sign that you’re doing everything

Right, or are you just on your phone too much?

A falling star.

Make a wish when you’re looking at shooting stars, which dream will come true first?

A spider in your wallet means money. don’t panic, cash is flowing your way

Cross your fingers for good luck. all we want is to seize the day and to get things right”

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