KLEPTO WOMAN is an experimental video campaign for women bodytatto and kimono brand. In it the director, Olena Korostetska reveals women’s integrity and internal magnetism in connection with natural forces; starring actress, model, and fashion designer Pure Gold.

Olena Korostetska is an enthusiastic creative producer and fashion film-lover based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Olena also works part-time as a key makeup artist in Ukrainian independent media production and television studios. She finished three-year theatre and stage performance arts course in acting school in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and has been working as assistant to the theatre director for 3 years. Olena had more than 6 years of working with short forms of video content in various roles as creative manager, owned media associate producer, and, finally, film director last year.

She gets ideas for the characters in her fashion films from surreal fantasies of mythological creatures, french fiction cinematography of Jean Jacques Cocteau and Jean-Luck Godard, and, what is amazing, old-fashioned fairy tales.

In 2021, Ms. Korostetska directed the short commercial film, Klepto in Ukrainian Woman, which was selected by London Fashion Film Festival in Official Program 2022. Her dream is to direct a feature film about the lifestyle and routine of legendary creative directors in the fashion area one day and is currently revealing her own voice as fashion filmmaker.

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