Kolkata, West Bengal, India-based photographer Eithersideofthemoon and model Brishti Chanda teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Her‘.

“I am someone who has grown up hating my body. I’ve been told that I’m ( and other women of the same body type or women who doesn’t fit into the conventional definition of “beauty” are ) not attractive or desirable. I went into severe depression for being heavily bullied throughout my life for being the way I am. Until one day, I decided that I’ll not let others define me and pick myself up and embark on a journey of self love. As a process, I started taking pictures of myself and women of different body types, especially those, who has a similar love-hate or bittersweet relationship with their bodies. I wanted to redefine beauty and put out bodies for what they are – a work of art. That is the essence of my work – to love oneself, to appreciate ourselves for I believe, everyone is beautiful and unique in their own ways.”

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