Berlin-based photographer/Model Khara Gosh shot this self-portrait series for Valentine’s Day and sent it to us for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘A Valentines For Myself‘. The new series is a short story about Gosh exploring a life full of art and possibilities. She has been working as a lingerie and fetish model for years until she decided that she wanted to be behind the camera herself.

Khara had this to say:

“In order to be successful as a model, it is essential to know how to pose and what perspectives will come across in a picture, so practicing these things and photographing myself were part of my routine anyway. Art has always been one of the most important parts of my life. When I decided to become a photographer, it meant a lot of changes that I generally struggle with. But today I have my own studio in Berlin and work with great people in the “adult content” industry, lingerie or act models, or also with fetish designers and we ́re creating art together. On Valentine’s Day, I started reflecting on the past and realizing that the most critical partner in life is ourselves. Because not only do we form one whole together, but we must be one ourselves and be happy alone in order to enjoy a healthy relationship. I can therefore only recommend everyone to put a lot of work into themselves and to give themselves time to get to know themselves properly. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of when you believe in yourself. The world belongs to the courageous.”

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