This new series from India was shot by photographer thedannyguy and model Katana teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Summer Of 2021‘.

Danny had this to say about the shoot:

“Sometimes I keep questioning why don’t we see more of such images like in the 90s in today’s magazines, galleries, etc. Why the word “Nude” is too much for today’s creative circle? Nude Paintings or sculptures are not much of an issue compared to nude photographs. I failed to understand whether the photographers and models are not bold enough or whether is it the editors and curators. especially in India-like countries. Or it’s the rising censorship and resistance by the audience towards accepting different forms of art. We decided to go for the photobook anyways and in the process, we created over three thousand images. “Nothing in my life was so precious to me than those images”. Portraits of love, by a lover. Life in a week of summer 2021. The intention was to create some raw images of ourselves, to portray the intimacy between nature and a naked body, intimacy between two lovers, and intimacy between art and artists with simplicity and honesty.”

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