Tel Aviv-based photographer Gala Shraer and model Liza Kachalina teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Whatever‘.

The very essence of Gala’s creative path is to evoke the sacred power within every woman*. The limits and shame imposed on everything feminine crumbles in Gala’s works as she refuses to divide physical and emotional, sexual and creative, pleasing and holy; as for her, it is one. Only by abandoning the artificial tropes of frugality can a woman become everything, as everything is already within her. With her art, Gala becomes a conductor for a woman to discover herself from within.

Gala Shraer (b.1986) is a contemporary sensual photographer. Born in Orenburg Oblast, she then continued her journey in Beijing and Shanghai, later settling in Tel Aviv, Israel. A self-taught photographer, Gala is currently focused on feminine driven energy within her photo works. She also collaborates with various brands and provides reportage series for such institutions as DocAviv – a festival of documentary film – and other cultural events.

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