Photographer Ras Alhague presents this new series combining an artistic edge and photographic vision for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Glitch Bodies‘.

Glitch Bodies is a photography project that explores the intersections of technology, identity, and corporeality. By projecting glitch patterns onto the nude human form, the series encourages viewers to reconsider traditional perceptions of beauty, gender, and self-perception, emphasizing the fluid and ever- changing nature of human identity. Each photograph captures the synergy between digital imperfections and the organic contours of the body, exploring the ways in which technology shapes our understanding of self, while also questioning societal expectations and norms.

Ras Alhague is a Polish digital artist and photographer whose work explores the themes of sexuality, gender, and identity through the use of self-portraiture and glitch aesthetics. They have participated in various exhibitions worldwide, including the longest-running glitch art event, fu:bar/expo, and have been featured in a variety of online and offline shows, projects, and zines, some of which address the topic of censorship on social media.

In addition to their artistic practice, from 2014 to 2021 Ras Alhague worked as the main curator for the Glitch Artists Collective where they helped showcase artists across multiple social media platforms. They also co-organized events such as Glitch Art is Dead and blue /x80, both of which aim to highlight some of the most talented and prominent artists in the glitch community. In 2021, they joined the fu:bar/expo team as a curator.

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