Ukrainian photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk and model Alina Frt teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Emancipation of Light’.

The art photography series «Emancipation of Light» was created by Ukrainian photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk in 2023. This series conveys the idea of liberating one’s inner light from limitations, freeing it from external boundaries, giving it space and ease, and demonstrating its beauty. The transparent fabric creates a mist-like effect, obscuring details but leaving the essentials.. The photographs can be seen as an allegory for the emancipation of individuals from social, cultural, religious, and other limitations that hinder personal development and self-expression. The

«Emancipation of Light» series can be understood as liberation from all the factors that prevent us from being bright, light, and transparent. The photos depict not only the beauty of body forms but also the fluidity of movements, creating a feeling of lightness. The body blends with the movement of the fabric, giving the photograph dynamics and changing the sense of space. The form becomes a part of a greater whole, allowing it to be seen not only as physical but also as spiritual, as an element of light. The body becomes not just an object but a part of the artwork itself.

The transparent fabric covering the body and face focuses attention on lines, texture, and movement instead of the individual. It symbolizes anonymity and universality, allowing the viewer to identify with the model and feel a connection to the body regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or any other attributes that may create barriers in perception. It prompts reflection on abstraction and minimalism, on how to separate oneself from external characteristics and focus on internal emotions, feelings, and experiences. These photographs show us that we are not always ready to open our body and soul to the whole world, and that each of us has our own secrets that we wish to keep hidden. But everyone strives for liberation or disclosure and upliftment of the human spirit, releasing our inner light. «Emancipation of Light» is aimed at inspiring viewers to strengthen their inner power and self-expression, despite limitations and difficulties that may be present in their lives. Each person can interpret the images in their own way and find their own meaning in them.

Serhii Kovbasyuk – Photographer from Kyiv (Ukraine)

Genres: portrait, art photography, art nude.

Member of UAPF – Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers. Ukrainian photographer Serhii Kovbasyuk was born in Kyiv in 1985. As a child full of creative energy, he discovered the world of visual arts, music, and choreography. For further development, Serhii chose photography, which he still uses to express himself. He participated in various exhibitions (both in Ukraine and in other countries), was a guest photographer on TV projects (Top Model in Ukrainian 4,5 season, model XL), and has publications in glossy magazines such as L’Officiel, Vogue, and others.

Specializing in portrait and art photography genres, in his works, the visual art author Serhii Kovbasyuk tries to introduce the viewer to the world of revelations. The artist’s works are about simple and complex things; about superficial and profound; about the facets and delicate boundaries of our nature and worldview; about the flight of the soul, which is sometimes difficult to describe in words and impossible to forget the feeling itself. Photo project “Pure Art” Shooting date: September 29, 2020. Presented in December 2021 at the photo exhibition “From Ukraine with Love” in Kyiv at “Art underground pass Khreschatyk street”. The process during which you completely surrender to your feelings, subconsciousness, listening to the inner voice and thoughts, when energy passes through you, is reflected in the form of arbitrary creation. Art is in everything that is inspiredly created and experienced.

Photo book “Personal Meditation” Abstract expression of form, relationship with the city and a person, soul nakedness and perceptual plasticity – all this is the process of personal meditation, which allows us to look beyond the material and dive into the depths of truth, where what is seen becomes a revelation and takes the form of visual art. The photo book “Personal Meditation” is the beginning of acquaintance with the world of revelations of Serhii Kovbasyuk, the author of visual art and photographer.

June 2018 – Bangkok, Thailand at “The QUEEN’S GALLERY” – an art exhibition dedicated to Ukrainian culture called “Different Ukraine”
September 2019 – Photo exhibition “Free Photography” – National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine in collaboration with the Art association “KYIVPHOTOS-HALL 2012” and INTERNATIONAL FORUM ARTPHOTOBOOK
December 2021 – Photo exhibition “From Ukraine with Love” in Kyiv at “Art underground pass Khreschatyk street”
December 2021 – Kyiv Contemporary art gallery “Forsa”

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