Today, New York City/Los Angeles-based alt-pop group MisterWives announce their highly anticipated fourth studio album Nosebleeds due out July 14 and available for pre-order now. Plus, the band announces the Don’t Look Down Tour with Bishop Briggs across North America this fall with tickets on sale now via misterwives.com/tour. Alongside the announcements, the band shares the booming, tenacious title track out everywhere now and its accompanying video, which premiered exclusively via Rolling Stone.

Nosebleeds, highly anticipated fourth studio album by MisterWives, propels the group into all new territory, this time, equipped with bravery, confidence and strength. Through a decade-long career, of tremendous highs and lows, the forthcoming project meets the band at their most evolved as they turn their pain into power. Over ten compelling tracks, the band digs deeper than they ever have before, capturing the nuances of life’s highs and low and re-defining what it means to succeed and to fail.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, who raves this is “their best music yet,” frontwoman Mandy Lee explains, ‘Nosebleeds’ encompasses both meanings of the word–feeling high up and beat down–a response to the punches that leaned into the messy middle without fast forwarding to a silver lining. Learning along the way that the journey is both heavy and delicate, vulnerable and strong, betrayal and trust, ugly and beautiful.” On the forthcoming album, the band opens up about their struggles, and what it takes to stick together after so many years. “Being a band for ten years and still standing despite the amount of times we’ve been dropped, a bandmate quitting during the pandemic, a divorce–the perfect storm for how bands historically fall apart–felt like a pretty big triumph and moment to allow ourselves to create our fourth record with no limitations and without feeling boxed into what others might expect from us.”

Unafraid to fall apart, the album observes the band piece themselves back together, better than ever before. With a new MisterWives era on the horizon, Lee adds, ‘Nosebleeds’ was a homecoming to truth and freedom of self-expression and in doing so, we find ourselves in new territory both sonically and lyrically that unlocked our most raw and empowering music yet.”

“Nosebleeds,” the title track of the album, sees the band aim to let go of outside judgement and criticism and find a deep-rooted confidence on their own. Lee says, “Written during the pandemic and right in the thick of numerous sucker punches, ‘Nosebleeds’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the album before realizing it would later become the song to spark the overarching theme of the record. Being kept high up in the nosebleeds and on the outside of where you want to be has been a recurring dynamic in my life, especially in an industry that has profited off moving the goalpost or cutting ties if you don’t conform to how they see fit.”

It was the creation of the track that unleashed newfound energy, freedom and creativity, leading to the powerful forthcoming project. Lee continues, “‘Nosebleeds’ was the first step in letting go of all the naysayers and letting in uninhibited acceptance of myself without outside approval. Not shying away from that radical feeling we matched the music in tone with distorted guitars, gritty synths and a pulsing beat that helped give my voice the confidence I needed to start this next chapter and to keep going.”

Alt-pop singer-songwriter K.Flay, who helped write the track, was thrilled to contribute and join Lee in unlocking new creative freedom and confidence. K.Flay adds, “This song is about shedding self consciousness, about what it feels like to watch yourself, to know yourself, but hold back judgment. To be in the moment. I think Mandy is in a space of freedom right now and it was so exciting to tap into that. I absolutely love working together!”

The accompanying bold music video, directed by Jax Anderson, follows Lee as she comes face to face with her inner child, a version of Lee who was free from the weight of others’ opinions, before life left scars, and aims to protect her. Providing insight into the striking music video, Lee says, “The ‘Nosebleeds’ music video takes you on the journey of trying to protect and get back to your inner child–the person you were before life dragged you through the trenches. Being thrown around through obstacles and suffocated by the endless spiral of suffering, doubt, and opinions of others, I find a younger version of myself I’ve been chasing amidst the chaos.”

Lee’s inner child ultimately attempts to guide her back to who she once was as the twisting and turning visual mirrors life’s trials and tribulations. “Through symbolism of movement she teaches me how to get back to who I was before the world told me who to be.” Lee aims to escape through a doorway that looks like an escape from the madness only to find herself thrown into a never-ending staircase symbolizing the journey to healing will always be a continuous one. We chose to end this scene dressed in the same clothes from the crowd of people to represent how often we feel isolated in our pain when in reality our struggles are a lot more similar than we may think.”

Anderson was thrilled to team up with the band, stating, “I’ve always been a huge fan of MisterWives and I was crazy excited when they asked me to direct this video. Their lyrics are so personal and they’re absolutely incredible live. ‘Nosebleeds’ is such a banger, I just wanted to do the track & their band justice!”

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