Photographer Corey Kessler and model Cathariya Ferris teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘The Dark Arts‘.

The idea behind this series came to Corey and Cathariya in the moment, making it up as they went. This was their first nude shoot together and a jumping-off point for what they wanted to do together in future projects. He wanted her to feel sexy & powerful in her own skin and to be completely comfortable in just letting go, whatever that meant for her.

The setting is meant to be dark, with subtle light that came in through the curtains and bounced off the many mirrors that were placed throughout the house. Corey kept most of the series in black and white with an emphasis on the darker tones, they were both in a dark part of life. She was the center of attention and he was nothing short of enamored. Throughout the session, which took about 4 or so hours, there were often times he forgot to breathe.

Corey has always been an artist but never really knew where he wanted to go with it. He has done every medium you can think of ranging from clay to charcoal but behind the lens is where he feels he belongs. Photography is his passion/hobby and the artistic release that gets him away from everyday life. Corey is able to slow down, create how he wants to create, and also bring joy and inspiration to those around him.

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