Los Angeles photographer Kai York and model Deniz Saypinar teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Celebration of Divine Feminine’. Deniz and Kai wanted to capture the energy of sensuality rather than the display of it. The in-between. What radiates when we feel a moment where ecstasy and emotion meet with a consensual look into who we are?  The look wants to be real and raw. A celebration of intimacy instead of shaming it.

“It was photographed as a constant flow and movement, without focusing on posing or perfection. A moment felt.” – Kai York

Kai York is an art director and photographer from New York City. He has been working photographically for 20 years. Influenced by the greats of the 90s fashion photography, he combines emotional moods with strong models to create a compelling and empowering look at the beauty, which resonates and inspires an audience of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Often described as ‚a gift‘ by people he has worked with, York has the ability to create a safe space in every shoot that enables all participants to unlock a deeper sense of connection and a communal effort to create a true sense of something intimate, strong, and special.

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