In today’s NAKID exclusive, we have photographer Andrei Rublevik, who hails from Mykolayiv, Ukraine.  His new story, titled ‘Nude’ is about freedom of self-expression, form, the courage to be yourself, and the physicality and sensuality that encompasses. “This body of work is the visual language of this material world.“, he tells us.  Born in 1983 in Odesa, Ukraine, he has seen it all. Even now in the midst of war, he refuses to let the world slow him down.

Andrei graduated from the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Makarov (Nikolaev) and is a member of the MYPH team.  He is also an award-winning photographer, getting the “Photographer of the Year” in the category of Art Photography in 2012 and 2014 (Kyiv, Ukraine). He works in the genres of minimalist landscape, and art photography, nude. Andrei is also a frequent Participant in exhibitions and gallery shows, here are just a few:

Featured in the exhibition of street photography “EASTREET” (Poland, Lublin) 2013.

Personal exhibition “Poem”, at the festival Mykolaiv ART WEEK 2018.

Participant of the exhibition Photo Kyiv Fair 2019.

Publications in Bird In Flight, LF magazine.

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