Originally produced by Avicii, now re-produced and re-recorded by Aaron Hibell, ‘Ghost‘ is his re-imagining and first release and new music of 2023. As the UK producer continues to cut a noteworthy musical path, the highly anticipated and radiantly poignant “Ghost” featuring the distinguished vocals of HUMAN, is unquestionably a career milestone and captures significant inspiration from the start of Aaron Hibell’s glowing career.

“ghost” has been respectfully re-produced, re-recorded, and completed, having been originally co-written by Avicii and vocals by Daniel Adams-Ray (HUMAN).

“I first discovered Daniel’s vocal in 2020 from a clip of him and Avicii starting ghost in the studio. At a time where I was divinely uninspired, I was hooked by the power of his vocals. I sent my version to Daniel and his team and we’ve been planning the  release ever since. As a lifelong Avicii fan, I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to reimagine such a special record.

I feel ghost has the potential to resonate with so many people, and for that reason it’s one of my favourites I’ve ever made. The combination of the production, lyrics, and Daniel’s vocal capture grief in a way that people won’t only be able to understand, but feel.” –AARON HIBELL

The single drop follows his previous FFRR releases ‘Euphoria’ and last year’s ‘Talking to the Moon’ which racked up millions of streams.

The young artist has continued to make significant waves since the release of his debut mixtape the “Monastery of Sound Volume 1” dropped exclusively to SoundCloud. He has since released signature remixes such as John Summit’s ‘Human’ and Diplo – ‘Your Eyes’ featuring RY X and a follow-up surprise mixtape volume 2.

Aaron Hibell has enjoyed his edits and unreleased tracks skyrocket him to a global audience with a unique twist on progressive trance and techno has demonstrated the versatility to succeed in both nightclub and festival settings, picking up regular support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiesto and ARTBAT.

His loyal fanbase can catch Aaron playing at Insomniac’s “Chasing Sunsets” with Tiesto in Cabo, Mexico later in November this year in addition to a stateside introduction at Brooklyn Mirage end of the summer.

Aaron Hibell originally revealed “ghost” to his devoted fans a number of years ago. With an official release now, his growing catalog captures his intensely emotive, orchestral, and expansive trance and techno style that feels exciting and increasingly like part of a longer, more timeless story.

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