Italian painter & artist Sofia Zuluaga created this new series for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Binds & Ties‘.

Painted in oils in loose expressive brushstrokes, Zuluaga depicts bound bodies – often her own – in the nude, both as fragments and as a whole. The tension of bindings struggling against distorted human flesh rendered in vibrant colors creates stark visual contrasts and a feeling of unease in the viewer. Zuluaga seeks to represent non-tangible concepts with literal tools; the physical subjugation alludes to invisible systems of oppression and control, challenging the viewer to question and examine their own moral tenets and limiting paradigms. Infused with an aggressive spirit of rebellion, her work explores facets of societal conditioning (whether psychological, physical, or cultural) in order to open the doors to deeper conversations around gender, sexuality, and identity, while at the same time questioning contemporary beauty standards and aesthetics.

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