Photographer Jamie Noise and model Rasha Khoyi teamed up for today’s exclusive NAKID feature editorial titled, ‘Eyes Wide Open‘.

In this photography set Jamie works with his partner and collaborator, Rasha Khoyi. Together they explore the realm of finely crafted bondage fashion and delve into the intricate dynamics of power and self-expression. Both are involved in London’s thriving kink scene, and their work aims to give these communities the high-art treatment they deserve.

For Rasha, a native Iranian, these collaborations become a profound exploration of her own sexuality, identity, and the liberating freedom to adorn herself with what truly reflects her innermost self. Through their artistic union, Rasha’s journey becomes a symbol of empowerment, a testament to the human spirit’s innate yearning for authenticity and self-discovery. Even images depicting voyeuristic framing and an assumed submissive demeanor reveal how she is empowered through being perceived. Together, Jamie and Rasha invite you to witness the convergence of art and desire, as they celebrate human expression and challenge societal norms. Their work becomes a gateway to passion and individuality, inviting you to question, feel, and embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

Jamie Noise’s photography exudes timeless glamour, elegance, and femininity. Jamie’s portraits depict unique melancholic characters and ambiguous narratives, often capturing authentic moments in theatrical backdrops. London-based photographer Jamie Noise creates work which is an exploration of human desire, where each frame tells a unique story through melancholic characters and ambiguous narratives set against theatrical backdrops. Jamie’s portraits embody a sense of timelessness, inviting viewers into a world where glamour and authenticity coexist. Through his lens, he reveals hidden emotions, with empowering and sombre moments, capturing the raw beauty that lies beneath the surface of his subjects. From mesmerising burlesque performers to captivating kinksters and enigmatic drag artists, his artistic portraits are both performative and authentic, capturing London’s underground performers, artists and kink communities. He captures the elegance, power dynamics, and self-expression within these sub-culture communities, shedding light on the beauty that often remains unseen. His photographs transcend judgment and embrace the raw emotions and experiences that make each individual within London’s underground scenes truly unique. With his voyeuristic approach, Jamie creates a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the subjects, drawing them into a world where boundaries blur and emotions run deep. His use of depth of field adds a captivating element, focusing attention on specific details while leaving room for imagination and interpretation.

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