Fashion photographer Marcin Wolinski has once again captured the essence of natural beauty and serenity in his latest shoot for NAKID. Titled “Sand Dunes,” this captivating editorial features model Karolina in a stunning summer session on the English seaside. Against the picturesque backdrop of Milton Keynes, Wolinski combines the warmth of the sun, the allure of sand dunes, and the refreshing view of the sea to create an enchanting visual narrative.

After patiently awaiting the arrival of a perfect summer day, Marcin Wolinski seized the opportunity to bring his vision to life with the talented model Karolina. The sun-drenched setting, coupled with the tranquil sand dunes, created an idyllic ambiance for this unforgettable editorial. The result? A mesmerizing portrayal of “girly vibes” characterized by sunbathing on the warm sand, enjoying the summer breeze, and indulging in the beautiful expanse of the sea.

Wolinski’s artistic sensibility shines through in his deliberate use of contrasting elements. The soft curves of the sand dunes juxtaposed against the sharp horizon of the sea create a captivating interplay of textures. Additionally, the contrast between Karolina’s delicate femininity and the vastness of the natural landscape adds depth to the editorial, emphasizing the beauty and power of the juxtaposition.

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