From the charming streets of Bordeaux, France, emerges a visionary artist whose lens captures the essence of the human spirit in all its monochromatic glory. Born in 1985, Deftom, is an art photographer with an exceptional ability to distill emotions into captivating visuals, and has graced us with a new editorial for NAKID today. Titled “VIHRËA,” this mesmerizing series, starring the enigmatic Cleo Laban, marks a stunning chapter in Deftom’s ongoing “monochrome characters” project.

“VIHRËA” is a testament to Deftom’s artistic prowess and his unique perspective on the human form. Through his lens, he unveils a world where shades of gray evoke a symphony of emotions, a visual poetry that dances between light and shadow. Cleo Laban, the radiant muse at the heart of the series, becomes a canvas upon which Deftom paints a story that is both enigmatic and profoundly moving.

This editorial finds its place within the larger narrative of Deftom’s “All-Star” series—a collection that brings together five inspiring and influential muses, each contributing their unique essence to the artist’s creative vision. With “monochrome characters” as the driving force, Deftom masterfully crafts a visual language that transcends the boundaries of color, inviting viewers to explore the raw and unfiltered emotions that lie beneath the surface.

In “VIHRËA,” Deftom showcases his affinity for storytelling through minimalistic palettes. The monochromatic tones create a striking contrast, emphasizing the contours, textures, and nuances that define Cleo Laban’s distinctive character. The series serves as a tribute to the artistic synergy between photographer and muse, where each frame captures a fleeting moment that tells a story of empowerment, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

Deftom’s artistry is a seamless fusion of his passion for photography and his deep reverence for the human spirit. With an uncanny ability to reveal the hidden narratives within his subjects, he invites us to delve into the complexities of the soul, igniting a journey of introspection and connection. Through his lens, Deftom transforms moments into masterpieces, bridging the gap between the tangible and the intangible.

“VIHRËA” stands as a remarkable embodiment of Deftom’s creative philosophy—one that celebrates the power of monochrome to convey emotions that resonate universally. As the artist continues to explore the nuances of his “monochrome characters,” we are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this visual symphony and the revelations it will unveil.

In a world awash with color, Deftom’s choice to embrace the monochrome spectrum is a testament to his ability to see beyond the surface and capture the essence of his subjects. “VIHRËA” invites us to journey beyond the constraints of color and immerse ourselves in a world where emotions are bared, and stories are whispered in shades of gray. Through his art, Deftom beckons us to embrace the monochrome beauty that lies within and around us, urging us to explore the depths of human experience one frame at a time.

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