In the heart of Houston, Texas, a visionary photographer by the name of Scott McCombs is making waves with his exceptional talent and distinctive style. His recent editorial for NAKID Magazine, featuring the stunning model KeKe Cross, is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends elements of nature, sensuality, and art. Titled “A Death To The Season,” this editorial stands as a testament to McCombs’ ability to capture emotions, beauty, and a touch of intrigue.

McCombs’ genius lies in his ability to transform everyday settings into ethereal landscapes. “A Death To The Season” transports viewers to a world of lush green grass, where a water hose becomes a prop of allure. The glistening sunlight dances on the wet surfaces, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. As the water droplets cascade down KeKe’s skin, McCombs captures a spellbinding fusion of nature’s elements and human vulnerability.

Scott’s accompanying poem to the editorial:

Splash of cool water on your skin, boundless moments
Captured with dear friends simple and nostalgic…

Incidents that in colder busy gray times bring back
A smile… Something about the times, the music, your

Youth, it will never ever be the same. Woefully the
Summer must end.

But the memories, the brilliant memories of summer
Linger and never die.

The editorial’s core theme revolves around the subtle dance of provocative seduction. KeKe Cross, an enigmatic muse, effortlessly embodies both innocence and allure. McCombs’ lens delves deep into the complexities of human emotions, capturing the moments when desire and vulnerability intertwine. The wet t-shirt clinging to KeKe’s form becomes a canvas that reveals the raw emotions lurking beneath the surface.

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