In the mesmerizing streets of Paris, artist Ania Zawadka weaves her photographic magic, capturing the essence of sensual allure. In her latest body of work, Ania’s lens dances with model Zoé Waechter, adorned in the luxurious creations of Divine Lingerie, a true embodiment of elegance and passion.

As the shutter clicks, Parisian charm unfolds, enveloping the artistic vision of Ania Zawadka. Through her lens, she unveils the delicate beauty of Zoé, effortlessly blending the exquisite craftsmanship of Divine Lingerie into the fabric of this exclusive editorial.

Zoé embodies confidence and grace, her every move accentuated by the subtle details of Divine Lingerie. Ania’s expert eye elevates each moment, transforming it into a timeless piece of art. From the delicate lace to the intricate embroidery, Divine Lingerie proves to be the perfect muse for Ania’s creative pursuits.

With each click, Ania captures the essence of the City of Love, transcending mere photography and delving into the realm of storytelling. As you immerse yourself in “Divine Lingerie,” you’ll be transported to a world where sensuality meets sophistication, Parisian style takes center stage, and Ania Zawadka’s artistic genius shines.

Prepare to be enchanted as Ania Zawadka unveils the secrets of Divine Lingerie, embracing the union of Parisian elegance, the allure of Zoé Waechter, and her own artistic vision. This exclusive editorial is a feast for the eyes, a celebration of beauty, and a testament to the power of creative collaboration.

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Photographer – ANIA ZAWADKA @aniazawadka  –

Makeup Artist – GAËLLE VERDAN @vrdgaelle  –

Model 1 – ZOÈ WAECHTER @zoewaectr  –

Model 2 – ANGELA PESA @apesa_  –

Stylist – SOPHIE FIEND @iamsvphieLingerie designer – MANON CHEVALIER / DIVINE LINGERIE

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