Enter the haunting realm of Dustin Hollywood‘s ‘31 Days of A.I. Horror Fest,’ an on-going series created exclusively for NAKID and Synthetica Magazine. Brace yourself for a thrilling new chapter today as Hollywood releases “VAMPIRESS,” a tale of revenge, loneliness, and a chilling curse that spans half a century.

In “VAMPIRESS,” we are introduced to a vampire mistress whose heartache has consumed her existence. Once deeply in love, tragedy strikes when her human husband is killed by the very people they lived among. Left to dwell in a desolate castle with her loyal followers, she becomes the embodiment of relentless vengeance.

Every Halloween, the vampiress transforms into a bat, hauntingly spreading her dark wings as she traverses house to house, stealing newborn children’s blood to maintain her youth. The few fortunate enough to be spared from her vile grasp are taken as her slaves until the day they come of age, only to be transformed into vampires themselves.

For five decades, this malevolent curse holds sway over the town, until a courageous young girl rises among them. Driven by an unyielding spirit and fueled by bravery, she risks her own life to confront the vampiress, determined to put an end to the cycle of torment.

Prepare to be enthralled as Hollywood weaves a gripping narrative that blurs the boundaries between life and death, love and vengeance. ’31 Days of A.I. Horror Fest’ showcases the artist’s unparalleled talent for merging the realms of technology and creativity, bringing forth a captivating visual story that will send shivers down your spine.

Join NAKID and Synthetica Magazine as they unveil the latest installment of this chilling series, and discover the power of storytelling through AI art. From the depths of darkness to the glimmers of bravery, Hollywood’s ‘VAMPIRESS’ will leave you on the edge of your seat, yearning for more macabre tales that lie ahead.

Indulge in the twisted world of Dustin Hollywood’s ’31 Days of A.I. Horror Fest’ and immerse yourself in the bloodcurdling saga that unfolds with each new release. Enter with caution, for once you step foot into this realm, there may be no escape from its terrifying grip.


A story by Dustin Hollywood

Deep in the heart of a cursed land far from here, a beautiful vampire mistress named Lilith resided in a dark and looming, decrepit castle that perched high on Black Mountain. Once, she had known love, her heart entwined with a human named Alexander, a brilliant alchemist who had granted her immortality after he was turned from an experiment with an ancient species of bat that resided in the cave at the foot of Black Mountain. But as the years rolled by, humans grew suspicious of Alexander’s scientific pursuits, prostitutes disappeared frequently, and the forbidden love between he and Lilith was, ultimately, leading to his untimely demise.

In the twisted tapestry of their tragic love story, Alexander met his untimely demise at the hands of a fearful and ruthless mob one night before Halloween. As whispers of his alchemical experiments spread throughout the town, fueled by paranoia and superstition, a violent force rose against him. The vengeful humans stormed into the once serene sanctuary, their torches illuminating the darkness with a sinister glow. In a brutal act of savagery, they tore Alexander away from Lilith’s desperate grasp, unbeknownst to them that she was in fact also afflicted with vampirism. Their hatred and ignorance driving them to unspeakable acts, the once brilliant alchemist fell victim to their relentless fury, his life snuffed out in a blaze of cruelty, leaving Lilith shattered and consumed by a burning thirst for vengeance.

Left to wander the earth alone, Lilith sought refuge in her isolated sanctuary, the castle now a haunting reminder of her lost love. There, she ruled over her loyal followers, a devoted coven of vampires who had pledged their eternal allegiance to her.


But Lilith’s sorrow and bitterness festered within her, as she yearned for retribution against those who had taken away her beloved Alexander. And so, every Halloween, when the boundary between the living and the dead blurred, the vampiress transformed into a sleek bat, her wings carrying her in a haunting flight through the town.

House by house, she flitted silently, her presence as chilling as the frigid night air. Lilith’s crimson eyes scanning for her chosen victims, she would descend upon homes where newborn children slumbered, their innocent breaths filling the rooms. With an appetite for blood, she would delicately extract their life force, sustaining her own youth and strength.

Few were granted mercy, for Lilith had a twisted logic behind her actions. The fortunate infants whom she spared would be taken as her own, raised by her loyal followers until they came of age. Then, on their eighteenth birthdays, they would undergo the transformation, their bodies metamorphosing into the immortal creatures of the night.

These newly-turned vampires served as Lilith’s slaves until the day of their transformation. Their days were spent tending to her every need, their nights filled with obedience, unending servitude to their ruthless mistress.

This haunting cycle played out relentlessly, year after year, for fifty long and cursed years. The town, gripped by primal fear, lived in perpetual terror, whispering tales of the vampiress and her reign of terror. With each human attempting to kill her, she grew stronger in their defeat and the town slipped farther into hell. All seemed hopeless, until a young girl named Amelia rose among the townsfolk, her spirit fierce and her bravery unwavering.

Amelia, the daughter of a warlock, had a secret the vampiress had never encountered.. witchraft. She had grown weary of hiding in fear, of watching her kin fall victim to the vampiress. Determined to break the shackles that had held her people captive, she embarked on a treacherous journey into the heart of darkness.

Amelia’s journey towards becoming the harbinger of Lilith’s downfall was birthed from a tragedy that cut deep into the very core of her being. Her mother, a woman of remarkable strength and spirit, had fallen victim to Lilith’s insatiable thirst for blood. Unbeknownst to the vampiress, Amelia’s father possessed a power unlike anything she had encountered before – the gift of witchcraft, passed down to his daughter. It was this unknown, formidable force within Amelia that fueled her need for vengeance. Lilith had underestimated the potency of a witch’s wrath, failing to realize that in her quest to perpetuate her own immortality, she had awoken a force that held the potential to bring about her ultimate downfall. Amelia would prove to be the embodiment of a new breed of darkness – an amalgamation of vampire-hunter and witch – a nightmarish juxtaposition that would haunt Lilith’s eternal existence.

With every ounce of courage, Amelia confronted Lilith within the eerie confines of her castle. Flames danced in her eyes as she wielded a torch, ready to ignite the fortress that had been the source of anguish for so long.

The showdown was an epic clash between light and dark, as Amelia faced the embodiment of centuries-old wrath. The flickering flames illuminated the despair etched on Lilith’s face, the remnant of a love turned to ash. In a fury of rage and desperation, the vampiress lunged at her challenger, fangs bared, but Amelia’s determination burned brighter than any immortal fire.

With one decisive strike, Amelia set ablaze the stronghold of Lilith’s power, the flames roaring high into the cavernous halls. A spell her father taught her as a child and that she weilded with disregard then, but intense focus in this singular moment. The castle, once a symbol of darkness, crumbled under their weight, reducing the past to mere ashes. Lilith, along with her followers burned in a blaze of hellish rage.

And thus, the curse that had plagued the town for half a century was broken, as Lilith’s hold on her followers and the town dissipated into the smoke-filled night. Amelia emerged victorious, her heroic act bringing hope and freedom back to her people.

The tale of Lilith, the vengeful vampiress, and the courageous Amelia became legend, passed down through generations, a warning and a reminder that even in the face of darkness, the light of humanity can prevail.

And so, the memory of Lilith’s haunting reign faded, buried in the annals of history, while Amelia’s bravery lived on in the hearts of those who cherished their newfound peace. As Halloween approached each year, the townsfolk celebrated not with fear, but with gratitude—for they had vanquished a nightmare and reclaimed their lives.

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