Enter the haunting realm of Dustin Hollywood‘s ‘31 Days of A.I. Horror Fest,’ an on-going series created exclusively for NAKID and Synthetica Magazine. Today we have another thrilling new chapter, “SHADOW OF THE NECROMANCER“. A tale of dark science, unfathomable dimensions of reality, and humanities pursuit of knowledge being it’s undoing.

“Shadow of the Necromancer” captivates with its mesmerizing journey through the celestial unknown. The narrative skillfully orchestrates a symphony of cosmic curiosity, mystery, and survival against ominous entities in the universe’s shadowy realms. Rich in dialogue and character depth, the tale navigates through the voyage of the Necromancer, a vessel harboring a revolutionary Electromagnetic drive, as it embarks on a groundbreaking odyssey. The characters, notably Captain Helena Strickland and First Officer Damian Rellik, are beautifully crafted, embodying the spirit of exploration and resilience. The introduction of the Dark Sirens as formidable antagonists enhances the story’s intrigue, enveloping the reader in a cloak of suspense and fascination. Each part of the story resonates with the echoes of their struggle, making it an unmissable tale of courage against the consuming shadows of the unknown.


A story by Dustin Hollywood

“SHADOWS OF THE NECROMANCER” – Echoes of the Abyss: The Sirens’ Dominion

As the momentous day dawned upon the crew of the Necromancer, the vessel trembled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, resonating with the hearts of those aboard. The vast cosmos beckoned, and with it, the enigmatic allure of the unknown. Within the heart of the Necromancer, the revolutionary Electromagnetic drive hummed, ready to propel them into the uncharted territories at lightspeed. The crew, though seasoned, had never ventured this far, this fast.

Captain Helena Strickland stood at the helm, her silhouette framed against the star-studded darkness. The weight of the moment was not lost on her as she looked at the expectant faces of her crew. Clearing her throat, she began, “Ladies and gentlemen, we stand at the cusp of making history. Today, we break the shackles of light, to venture where none have dared. But let us not be blinded by ambition, for space is as unforgiving as it is boundless. We are not conquerors, but seekers of truth. Our resolve will be tested, but remember, it’s the spirit of discovery that fuels this voyage. Let us embark with courage and a relentless quest for the unknown. Now, to your stations!”

The bridge buzzed with a new energy as her words resonated through the hearts of the crew. Damian Rellik, the First Officer, exchanged a glance with the Captain, his face a mask of solemn anticipation. The crew scrambled to their respective stations, their movements precise yet charged with a silent anxiety.

As the engines revved to a vibrating hum, the ambient lights on the bridge reflected the tension that hung in the air. The Captain’s voice cut through the hum, “Engage pulse drive.”

In a blink, the Necromancer hurled through space. The sudden surge sent a shudder through the vessel, the force throwing the Captain and her crew off balance. Amidst cries of shock and the deafening roar of the drive, they found themselves in a disorienting reality as parts of the ship were ripped open.

Damian managed to hold onto a console, pulling himself up, “Captain, status!” he yelled through the chaos.

Captain Strickland, clutching onto her chair, shouted back, “Damage report, now! And get us stable!”

The dialogue soon shifted to a frequency of horror as they stumbled upon the realm of the Dark Sirens. The creatures, embodying the abyss itself, approached with an eerie grace.

“Our essence sings to them,” one Siren hissed to the other.

“Yes, a symphony of energies to be devoured,” the other replied, their words echoing through the chilling void.

Facing the horrifying entities, Helena’s voice trembled but held firm, “We are but explorers, not your feast!”

The Sirens merely laughed, a sound that sent shivers through the spine of the bravest amongst them. The eerie resonance of their laughter haunted the space between stars.

As the crew retreated, running through the shivering corridors of the Necromancer, the dialogues between them were a mix of desperation and hope. But as they ventured deeper into the abyss, every word carried a weight of melancholy. The narrative of “The Necromancer’s Haunting Voyage” became an ode to their courage, a melody of the unknown that played through the silence of space, immortalizing their venture into the unfathomable.

So, the saga unfolds, a tale woven in the loom of terror and mystery. The Necromancer’s voyage, a journey through the abyss, leaves us on the precipice of an eternal question: What realms of terror lurk in the cosmic shadows, and what horrifying truths wait to unveil their nightmarish tales?

These are the only remnants of the Necormancer’s fateful voyage.. but some say they aren’t photographs at all, but the nightmare the beings imprisoned their minds in as it devoured them over time, leaving an imprint on the film itself.. yeah right, haha.


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